Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Urban cycling

This morning Trish Steel kindly dropped me off at Bucklers Hard to resume my journey, a round-trip of some 60 miles from her Wiltshire home. Her hospitality was much appreciated. The morning was spent mainly winding through quiet country lanes, visiting Ashlett Creek (in the rain) and a 'new' harbour for me, at Hill Head.

But when I reached the outskirts of Southampton, it was dreaded urban cycling, which I have to endure, but don't enjoy. Some 'local' cyclists fly past, swerving all over the road and around traffic. Me, I keep quietly and slowly to the side, trying to stay safe.

It took a while to find my way through the city, and eventually found myself on the Itchen Bridge, where there were good views of the numerous river quays upstream. It was then down to Hamble, where I crossed the river to Warsash on a quaint little ferry. The winding circuit then continued to Gosport and eventually back to Fareham, where there was a campsite nestling between the M27 mnotorway and the A27 Portsmouth Road. So a fair amount of traffic noise tonight.

Just a brief Blog today as I've had to re-load yesterday's photos, which has taken some time. It's now way past my usual bedtime, at 23.00!

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