Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tamar untamed

The plan today had been to tour the various old quays along the River Tamar and its tributaries. But the weather was so horrible, with poor visibility and drizzle, that I soon changed plans. After visiting Creyll Quay, opposite Plymouth, I returned to Millbrook and then around to Torpoint. Instead of continuing in a loop northwards, I took the ferry across to Devonport.

The other reason was the hills. My legs were feeling very weary after the previous day's exertions and an easier day seemed a good idea.

After lunch on The Hoe in Plymouth I continued eastwards to Newton Ferrers, where there was a camp site shown on the map. However there was no sign of it and I carried on a further ten miles or so to the next available site, near Modbury.

So I feel a bit guilty about missing out some of the Tamar quays, but they're not on the coast exactly. Sorry this is a bit brief, but I'm heading for an early night.

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