Sunday, 24 July 2011

Blog is boring - official!

That's according to my daughter Mel. I phoned her a couple of days ago to wish her a happy birthday. Asked if she has been 'following' me, she replied "only occasionally; I find the Blog rarther boring, actually". So there, just as I thought, it is boring.

It's amazing how quickly the days pass. Day 86 already; it seems only a day or so ago that I first entered Cornwall, and now I'm on the Isle of Wight. I must admit that I was worried when I had the one bad day recently, around Plymouth. I wondered if I was approaching a psychological barrier, wanting it all to finish. But I'm pleased to report that everything has been fine since then. I think it was just a combination of poor weather and going round in circles, not getting anywhere. Now that I'm making a determined move eastwards, albeit going round the IoW first, I feel much more content.

I did someone a good deed today. Three lads approached me at Keyhaven and asked if I had a puncture repair kit. One of them had a puncture and was eight miles from home. Of course, I was pleased to help, and we had a good chat about my ride. Who knows, they might even drop a pound or two on the JustGiving sites.

Today has been a straightforward run, first to Lymington, where I had planned to stop, and then over to the Isle of Wight on the ferry to Yarmouth. The day was mainly overcast, but at least the wind was behind me. I'm now at Brighstone, halfway between Yarmouth and Ventnor. Tomorrow I have to get back to Lymington, where Trish Steel will be meeting me and taking me to her house.


  1. A prophet is not without honour save in his own country - or his own family! Keep up the interesting, nay fascinating, blogging!

  2. Absolutely NOT boring, Bob! I'm just catching up with it and thoroughly enjoying it.

    Good luck for the remainder of your trip. I'm in awe of your achievement.