Saturday, 2 July 2011

Lazy legs

This is Friday's Blog, uploaded whilst sitting at Pwllheli Harbour at Saturday lunchtime.

It's weird how, some mornings, my legs feel weary; other mornings, they're fine and strong. It's not related to where I slept (in a tent or at a B&B), or how well or for how long I slept. By late-morning though, even the 'lazy' legs have cured themselves.

In Caernarfon I called in at a cycle shop to buy two new spare inner tubes. The owner was very interested in my ride and insisted on giving me the tubes, as well as a 'glue-free' puncture kit, without charge. Many thanks to Beics Menai

Today was a gentle one, fairly flat in the morning, so the 'legs' weren't needed. I managed to get to Fort Belan, despite the many 'private' signs. It's an interesting, former military place, with an attractive dock surrounded by cottages, right out on a spit of land at the western end of the Menai Strait. Read more about the place here.

Arriving early at Porthdinllaen, I decided to continue for a few more miles, to Porth Colmon, a natural harbour with no jetty. There were plenty of campsites along the north side of the Llyn Peninsula; in fact it seems that almost every farmer in the area has decided to diversify by grassing over a field and turning a barn into toilets and showers.

So I'm now about eight miles ahead of schedule, but with a long day ahead tomorrow. Today saw nine completed weeks on the road; it really is all downhill from now.

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