Tuesday, 5 July 2011


This is Tuesday's Blog.

I didn't write my Blog last night; it's now early on Wednesday morning, It was late and too dark to see the keys and my head torch was buried deep in one of my panniers. And anyway, I felt pretty low and annoyed with myself - I've lost my Satnav. Don't know how, or where. Probably either at Porthclais or Solva. I did leave the bike unattended for 15 minutes at Solva, but I think it unlikely that someone stole it from my bar bag. More likely I put it down somewhere and left it on the ground. I can't recall doing that and have spent much of the night trying to remember. Not that I can do anything about it now, other than to report it as 'lost property' to a police station. It's £400+ of equipment (although it only cost me £120, thanks to Satmap Systems) and of course contains all my daily routes. I don't usually have it switched on all the time, but find it useful when I'm unsure which way to go. I will have to study each day's route carefully on the Internet (assuming I can get a connection) and try to memorise where to turn.

All this put a dampener on what was a great day. After a dreary start the sun shone for most of the time. Three of my all-time favourite harbours, Porthgain, Porthclais and Solva were visited, all within the space of four hours. I spent quite a while at each, reluctantly tearing myself away.

I didn't get to the campsite at Pembroke until 20.00 and by the time I'd uploaded the photos to Fecebook - there were a lot to sort through - it was very late. I just didn't have the energy to dig in the panniers for the head torch and went to bed, hoping that I'd feel better in the morning. Unfortunately, at 06.00 now, it's raining! The forecast is for showers.

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  1. Here's hoping by some miracle you get it back. It sounds like a grievous loss not long after your halfway point. All the very best!