Saturday, 23 July 2011

Red Arrows

Before leaving this morning I took a photo from the campsite across the top of the church tower, towards the sea - an unusual shot (see photos on Facebook). Away by 07.45 and on to Axmouth and Lyme Regis. I've never been to Lyme in the summer and was amazed at how busy it was, even at 09.30. The beach was 'full' and the harbour, known as The Cobb, was thronged with people. This was 'Lifeboat Week' and the Red Arrows were due at 12.00, as part of the celebrations. The fine weather had certainly attracted the crowds.

By midday I had reached West Bay, the harbour of Bridport, and caught a quick glimpse of the air display. I had no idea when I took the photo that a gull, sitting on a yacht's mast in the harbour, appeared to be watching!

The fourth harbour of the day was Weymouth. The harbourside, around the old harbour, was packed with people, mostly drinking or eating fish and chips from a container. Shades of Brixham. The accents were mainly Brummie. The beach, too, was full of holidaymakers; we're clearly into the school holidays now. I might even find it difficult to get any B&B accommodation from now on. I managed to get my tyre pressures checked in Weymouth, at Westham Cycles. Always good to know I've got the correct pressures (80 and 85 psi, front and bac respectively).

I managed to reach Stoborough, just south of Wareham, this evening. This will cut down the distance tomorrow by some 18 miles. A rock band is playing in a charity event at Wareham Quay, not far away, so earplugs may be needed tonight. Tomorrow I'll be crossing the entrance to Poole Harbour, on the Sandbanks Ferry. Last time I did that was in 1965. Then on to Lymington, in readiness for the ferry to Yarmouth, Isle of Wight.

I spoke this evening to Trish Steel, who has kindly agreed to meet me at Lymington on Monday, after the Isle of Wight circuit. She will be driving me to her home, which is some way inland. She told me that she had seen me on TV! When I was in Conwy, I had cycled into an enclosed area by a pier where a reporter and cameraman had stopped me and asked me some banal questions about sending postcards. I told them I didn't need to buy postcards because I was doing a daily blog. Apparently this was on BBC Breakfast the next day. Did anyone else see me? It would have been on or about 30 June.

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  1. Zac said he'd seen you on breakfast TV ... afraid I missed it. In other "news", some recent conversation revealed that you know a couple of my work colleagues from your Stowmarket days, namely Claire and Barbs. Claire was interested in hear about your ride (I directed her to your site).