Sunday, 31 July 2011

Summer has arrived!

Once I'd reached the coast near Birchington, it was excellent off-road cycling all the way to Whitstable. Kent seems to have solved the cycle track problem, with generally good signage and surfaces.

Plenty of interesting harbours today, especially Whitstable where the public is allowed to wander around all its quays, except the cargo-handing one. I was pleased to be able to visit several 'new' places, including Faversham, Oare Creek, Conyer Creek and Otterham.

I reached Sheerness mid-afternoon, but the campsite was for caravans only, so I pressed on as far as Gillingham. Tomorrow I will be meeting Geograph-er Stephen Craven, who will be putting his bike on the train to Gravesend, where I'll meet him at lunchtime. We'll then cycle together back to his house in Greenwich.

Thought for today: Think positively; don't let negative thoughts pervade your mind.

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