Monday, 4 July 2011

No flat bits

After 45 days in Scotland, you'd think I should be used to hills. But today I've had more than my fair share of them. Apart from the first couple of miles, it's been a series of steep ups and steep downs, with hardly any flat in between. Several of the climbs between Aberaeron, New Quay, Llangrannog and Aberporth were 1 in 5, which meant I had to walk. Still, I prefer that to cycling along busy roads such as the A487, which is quite narrow in places and vehicles, especially lorries, pass me by much too close. If I was to wobble at the wrong moment...

I spent rather longer than I should have in Aberaeron; it's a pretty town with an attractive harbour. And although Llangrannog and Aberporth can't really be classed as harbours, the former was once busy with boats. It retains a slipway and some sailing craft. Again, I was tempted to stay here for a while, first for an ice cream and then a beer.

Aberporth is one of those places you may have heard mentioned on the radio, like Boulmer in Northumberland. Aberporth usually features as one of the places around the coast which sends in a weather report; that's because of the MOD facility here, as at Boulmer.

I'm staying tonight in a holiday cottage owned by 'Ceridwen', just north of Fishguard. This is the seventh offer of accommodation accepted from Geograph members so far, with several more promised.

After an excellent meal this evening, which included fresh raspberries from the garden, I've retired to the cottage to write this Blog. After several days of sun, tomorrow's forecast is for rain, and cooler.

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  1. I'm sorry Bob, if I'd realised your propensity for single malts I'd have offered you one!