Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Onwards - and upwards

As anticipated, today was full of hills. The worst - and longest - was the road out of Porlock Weir. This is a private toll road, which leads up through a wooded glen. It continues uphill, steeply, for about three miles, reaching the 'summit' at about 430 metres. I had to walk several sections. By contrast, there was a similar length of continuous downhill into Combe Martin.

By some miracle, the wind had swung round to north-east, so it was at my back for most of the day. That certainly helped with some of the hills. It was overcast today, which was ideal; I wouldn't have wanted it to be too hot.

I cheated at Lynmouth; instead of taking the 1 in 4 hill to Lynton, I went up on the cliff railway. This was actually a sensible decision, because the road is narrow and winding, and it would have been dangerous even to walk up pushing the bike. And the railway was fun, anyway!

Lots of harbours today, though no 'new' ones. Good to see them again, at different states of tide. It was low water in the morning, but by the time I reached Ilfracombe, the tide was high.

I managed to get as far as the other (south) side of Ilfracombe, some eight miles ahead of schedule, where I found a campsite that was almost empty. I cooked a pasta and bacon meal, with jalfrezi sauce. Yum.

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