Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Technology back in action

Meant to say that my Satnav is now working fine. The people at Satmap Systems in Leatherhead told me how to 'unfreeze' my unit. I'd mistakenly uploaded all the daily stage maps to the internal memory, rather than to the SD card. That meant that there was no room left for anything else. Once I'd deleted the files from the memory, and reloaded them to the card, it all worked perfectly. Richard Croft will be pleased to hear that, as he's thinking of buying one. This is a good moment to thank Satmap Systems, who very kindly gave me an Active 10 Bike unit, complete with full UK 1:50,000 mapping, at a huge (75%) discount. Well done to them, especially for the after-service.

I've been able to use card readers at both Richard's and Ian's, so my photos are now safely on the computer. The next task, probably on Friday when I'm staying at a B&B in Seaham, is to upload them to Facebook.

Whenever I can, I have to charge four devices: camera, netbook, phone and satnav. That's OK when I'm staying with friends; at other times I'll have to ask at a friendly pub.

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  1. If your satmap works for the remaining 94 days and you're still as enthusiastic about it, I'll buy one.