Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Kindness everywhere

Yesterday it was Richard Croft who provided overnight accommodation, as well as excellent company for some 70 miles of the ride. Today it was Ian Sykes, who not only warned me well in advance that the Boothferry Bridge would be closed for repairs (which would have necessitated a 20+ mile detour via Selby), but also arranged for a friend of his (John) to meet me at the south side of the bridge, and transport me and the bike across the M62.

Ian and John were waiting for me as planned and deposited me safely on the north side. I then followed the river bank, under the M62, as far as the Port of Howden.

Just before that, I'd had a phone call from the Times - the Goole and Selby Times, that is - who wanted a photo of me. I met the photographer at Goole Docks, eventually. When she phoned and asked me where I was. I said, on the A161, just south of Goole. She replied, "I don't know where that is; we don't use road numbers round here". My response isn't printable.

Ian had also offered me accommodation, in Hull. The astute amongst my 'followers' will realise I should have finished up today at Withernsea, on the east coast. But that's not essential, as there's no harbour there, and anyway, the campsite I tried to contact had never replied. So tomorrow it's over to Hornsea, along the old railway line from Hull (another Beeching axed line).

Arriving at Ian's house I found my 'smellies' already washed and ironed and laid out on the bed. Thank you Edith! After a hot bath, a wonderful meal was laid out, which the three of us enjoyed. Tomorrow, I'm assured, there'll be a cooked breakfast. What a wonderful camaraderie there is amongst Geograph members!

Today was mainly about the Trent Wharves, King's Ferry, Flixborough, Neap House, Grove Wharf, Gunness, Althorpe and Keadby. Photos soon on Facebook, hopefully!

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