Saturday, 14 May 2011


It took ages to get out of Aberdeen, through the charming cobbled streets of Old Aberdeen and the University area. Charming that is if you're on a mountain bike. The pavement is no easier option; the cobbles are just slightly larger. It took over an hour to reach Dyce, near the Airport. I ignored any remaining temptation to jump on an EasyJet plane back to Stansted, and pressed on.

Having faithfully followed NCR1 out of Aberdeen, without using Satmap, I found myself way off the intended coastal route. I made a quick decision to follow 10 miles of old railway line as far as Ellon. As with previous railway lines, it started off well with a good surface, but after a while deteriorated badly. Large stone chippings are not good for my bike and I had to slow to a crawl.

Railway lines are like canals; you're in a different world. You see cars whizzing by on nearby roads. People you meet are always friendly, just like on the canals when waves are exchanged when boats pass each other.

I've been asked a few times how many miles I've done. Must check this out. I reckon it must be a thousand now.

Finished short of my target this evening. A dreadful headwind from Peterhead slowed me down so much I had to call a halt at Fraserburgh, where I'm camping tonight.

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  1. Hi Bob, (according to your planned route), in Pennan, you will do 1099 miles! but we know you have done more than that!