Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday 13th...

... but no disasters.

It was another long day. I had to make up the nine extra miles because I'd stopped short at Carnoustie, rather than continuing to Arbroath. So it was a 75-mile day. Followed the National Cycle Route 1 diligently, but had to keep my eyes open for signs as my Satmap ran out of battery power at lunchtime. I must learn to ration its use and only turn it on when there's any doubt over the route. Several rain squalls forced me to run for cover and it's been cold. Had to keep my leggings on as well as three top layers.

There were a number of pleasant stops when the sun was out, at Arbroath, Montrose and Johnshaven. The final stretch between Stonehaven and Aberdeen was frustrating. The direct route along the A90 is about 11 miles, but I wasn't choosing that on Friday 13th (or on any day). The NCR took me up into the hills, then back across the A90 (a dangerous crossing). In all, 22 miles, twice the distance.

Today's photos are on Facebook.

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