Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday bonus

The campsite at Durness is situated on the clifftop. During a lull in the rain I wandered over to the edge with my camera. The wind is now Storm force 10 and it was extremely difficult to stay upright. This lookout point was safe as it was fenced. From there I took photos to the right and left.

Don't forget, you can click on these photos to make them larger. Click once for the image to re-appear in its own window, then click again for a full screen view.
These two photos don't show the strength of the wind, which was blowing off the shore. The sand on the beach was being whipped up and the waves were curling backwards as they neared the beach.
They do however show the beauty of the area. Durness and the nearby Balnakiel Craft Centre have become a haven for ageing hippies; John Lennon famously came here and there's a memorial to him nearby.

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