Sunday, 1 May 2011

Me v. The Bike

Training on a bike with no panniers is one thing. Trying to ride it with two huge panniers, plus associated gear on the back is something different. It's much harder to steer and even the slightest hill seems like a mountain. Trying to wipe your nose whilst riding along is extremely dangerous; you need both hands firmly gripping the handlebars to maintain full control.

On Day 1 the weight of the panniers meant that the bike had to be unloaded before getting on to the two passenger ferries at Bawdsey and Butley River. More hassle and time lost.

Anyway, arrived safely in Blakeney at 6.30 yesterday evening. After a meal and ONE pint at the King's Arms, got back to the tent and was too tired to blog. It's now 6.30 on Day 3 and after my bowl of porridge and a coffee I plan to set off early.

I seem to have forgotten to bring the connector that enables photos to be downloaded to the computer from the camera. So no photos for the time being. I'll try and get this sent on to my first B&B in Seaham.

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