Sunday, 8 May 2011

Blow the wind southerly, southerly ...

... for the next week, please. (This is Saturday's blog - couldn't get a connection at Craster).

Today has been great - no hills too steep, and the wind at my back. The only downside was an hour and a half of rain. Not serious stuff, but enough to make me stop and get out the black bin bags to cover up the tent, mattress and sleeping bag. A good test though for the heavier version that's bound to come soon.

I discovered (at Seaham) that I'd somehow managed to lose part of my pump. I googled 'bike shop Sunderland' and found one that was right on my route. Darke Cycles sold me a new one (and fitted it), and when I told them what I was doing, gave me a fiver back for the 'funds'.

I've managed to lose (leave behind somewhere?) my toothbrush and toothpaste, so must buy some more. I also left my towel on the rack in the bathroom at Seaham, so that's another purchase needed. Trouble is, tomorrow's Sunday.

Some of the National Cycle Route follows rough tracks along the coast. OK if you have a mountain bike, but not really suitable for a bike such as mine. Still, the scenery's great.

I wandered down to the harbour at Craster (of course), which is about a mile away, in the hope of finding a pub or restaurant. There was a pub, but they only did food at lunchtime. A seafood restaurant, which looked good, was fully booked. Well, it was Saturday evening. Emergency rations were opened and chilli con carne (boiling water on dried food) consumed.

Back at Seaham, over breakfast, I read an advert for a forthcoming wine-tasting event. It read, "...Suzanne will be presenting five different wines from around the world. Sensibly priced and quality assured, Suzanne will explain how to judge a fine wine..." OK, that's Suzanne sorted. But what about the wines?

More tomorrow!

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