Sunday, 1 May 2011

Soutthwold - eventually

What a bugger - a north-easterly gale all day. Ploughing into a strong headwind certainly wasn't on my agenda. Anyway, finally got to Southwold at 7pm after taking the wrong route twice (Satnav isn't working, that's my excuse) and an enforced diversion becaue the coastal path from Dunwich to Walberswick is under repair. So probably 70 miles in total. Then couldn't connect to the Internet last night, so I'm writing this on Sunday morning.

Had a great chilli con carne at the Harbour Inn on Southwold Harbour last evening - and TWO pints of Adnams.

So it's off to Blakeney today. I';ll be looking forward to turning westwards after Great Yarmouth and have that dreaded wind behind me!

Hope to upload some photos to Facebook tonight.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bob
    Sounds like you are having great fun already!
    Hope you manage to keep on track and don't have too many diversions (except of the local ale type!).
    Thanks for keeping this blog-nice to keep in contact with you (I shall check out your facebook page soon too).
    Keep pedalling-happy cycling...Bon voyage mon ami...