Thursday, 5 May 2011

A tale of two railway lines

Breakfast was as good as had been promised and Edith sent me on my way with a bulging bag of cheese and pickle sandwiches. She and Ian have been fantastic hosts. "Take us as you find us", Ian had said. But as it turned out, they were all kindness and generosity.

Today's ride included some 30 miles along old railway tracks, routes closed by Beeching in the 60s. First, from Hull to Hornsea, and towards the end of the day, Scarborough to Robin Hood's Bay. The surface of these old tracks is pretty rough, and I feel as if I've been riding a Boneshaker. Houses have been built across the routes in a number of places, and in Scarborough the start of the trail goes through Sainsbury's car park!

I met a guy coming the other way, near Ravenscar (the summit of the line to Whitby at 631 feet). I passed the comment that his bike was as loaded up as mine. Nonchantly he said, (he has probably said this a thousand times), "I'm doing John O'Groats to Colchester". My rather obvious retort left him somewhat stunned.

Spent (wasted?) rather too much time today at the delightful harbours in Bridlington abd Scarborough. But it didn't matter, because I had a following wind, and made good time, arriving at 7pm.

It has just started raining as I sit here in my tent, which is a pity, because the view across Robin Hood's Bay is stunning. That's the first rain in six days.

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  1. Shame you have had the rain while camping - treat it as a trial.

    Sounds like it is going well so far though and your blogs are very interesting.

    Keep going.