Monday, 23 May 2011


Monday morning at Durness

I'm as far away from home as it's possible to drive within mainland Britain. And here in NW Scotland a severe weather warning has been issued. 70 mph gusts are forecast, as well as driving rain. If that's the case, I'm staying put. There's no point in taking risks and, anyway, I want to enjoy the journey, not to have to ride through gritted teeth.

It looks likely that I will have to stay here until Wednesday. It could be a lot worse. At least Durness has facilities - a bar/restaurant and a Spar shop. The campsite is excellent, with a 'campers' kitchen' equipped with gas rings for use free of charge. And it's only £6 a night to stay here. If I'd been wild camping on some remote beach I wouldn't have had any luxuries to fall back on, so I count myself lucky to be here.

Also, my new friend Alexandre (left) and I are attempting to improve our limited knowledge of each other's languages. So we are enjoying the company and will wander over (or be blown over) to the bar for a drink at lunchtime.

During a brief sunny interlude this morning we climbed down to the sheltered beach behind the campsite and took a few photos, which I'll upload to Facebook next.

To anyone who's concerned about my well-being, don't worry; I'm feeling good. I feel fitter (and lighter) than I have been for many a year. The outdoor life is nsuiting me just fine. The tent took a battering last night, and will over the next day or two, but it's holding on well and large rocks have been carefully positioned over the important (windward) pegs. It's cosy inside, though even in my sleeping bag last night I needed double layers of clothing to stay warm.

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