Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wheely wet

Last night I actually camped on a quay! The remains of Toward Pier, once used to service the lighthouse, have been grassed over and formed an ideal location, with a wall to protect the tent from the wind.

Today felt strange, heading north for much of the time. It takes more effort and commitment when you know you're heading the 'wrong' way. But those harbours and jetties are there to be ticked off and photographed, so needs must.

Heavy drizzle lasted most of the morning, but with a light southerly breeze it didn't trouble me too much. After 20-odd miles of relatively flat loch-side roads, the hills started in earnest as I left Loch Long behind. A couple of 1:5s (push the bike hills) before the road suddenly descended to scenic Loch Eck, where to my surprise I discovered the welcoming Whistlefield Inn. After a coffee I was tempted to order a chicken lunch (with vegetables) as I was planning to be camping this evening.

However, plans sometimes have to be changed. The last eleven miles to Inveraray were cycled in torrential rain. I just put my head down and went as quickly as I could (it took an hour). By the time I arrived in Inveraray I had long since decided that camping was NOT a good idea. So in to the Argyll Hotel and a welcoming bath. Various items of clothing are drying on the towel rail and in front of the heater, but the forecast for tomorrow isn't good, so they'll probably get wet again.

Ironically, after I'd had my bath the sun came out a lovely evening ensued, as you'll see from the last few photos on Facebook.

Tomorrow will be a grind, mainly on busy A roads to Helensburgh. The high point is 246 metres, at 'Rest and be thankful'. More teeth-gritting stuff.


  1. I had a very weird experience in Helensburgh, many many years ago//

  2. Do you want to tell me more?