Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The longest day

After an excellent breakfast, I said my fond farewell to Andy and Anni at Braehead, near Wigtown, setting off rather later than usual at 09.30. It's the Summer Solstice today, so the days will be getting shorter from now on. Today's ride was by no means the longest, at about 60 miles, but ir felt long. 20 miles were on the busy A75, in quite heavy rain, which required the greatest concentration. It's a pity when parts of the ride are like this, as it's difficult to enjoy it.

The rain stopped for three hours between 13.00 and 16.00, so I was able to visit Knockbrex, a harbour that I'd never been to before, without getting the camera wet. Getting to the quay entailed a short walk across fields. Thanks to John Gould of Little Saxham for recommending a visit to this harbour. He and his family have holiday'd near there a number of times.

The rain eventually stopped at 18.00, so by the time I reached Rockcliffe an hour later I was reasonably dry. There's nothing worse than setting up camp when you're wet through, knowing that your clothes are still going to be wet in the morning.

I've had a meal at the local hotel, which has Wi-Fi. So I'm using this to upload a few photos and to send the blog, as otherwise there's no signal in this area. Tomorrow will be my last day in Scotland, having entered the country at Berwick-upon-Tweed on 8 May, 44 days ago. I've missed both sun and midges; a couple of warm and sunny days now would be most welcome.

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