Saturday, 4 June 2011

Mulling it over

This is Friday's Blog; no signal last night at Gruline.

A fantastic blue sky morning, camping in the grounds of Kilchoan House Hotel, just up from the pier where the ferry leaves for Tobermory (or Ballymory for those with children). On a day like this, it's paradise here. Still waters, spectacular views - what more could you want.

Over to Mull and an hour spent wandering around Tobermory, then over the hills to Croig and Calgary. The latter place consists of just a few scattered dwellings, but it was from here in the early 1800s, following one of the notorious Highland Clearances, that emigrants sailed to Canada, setting up their own Calgary which is now one of Canada's larger cities. The remains of the jetty that they probably used is a mile along a rough track, but the walk there was well worth it; a very atmospheric place, as I hope the photos will show.

Arriving at Ulva Ferry just as the last sailing had left, I wasn't able to get across. But perhaps that was just as well, as there are no roads on Ulva, just very rough tracks, not really suitable for my bike. So I continued six miles to a campsite at Killiechronan, near Gruline. Another warm day with no rain. Perhaps I've left the worst of the weather behind me.

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