Thursday, 2 June 2011

A day of contrasts

A misty, drizzly morning out of Mallaig, to Arisaig, a favourite place of mine. Unfortunately, it was rather spoilt today by the attitude of the owner of the Rhu Cafe. I waited outside until 10.00, the opening time, and could see and hear him talking to someone inside. A few minutes after 10 I went to the window and pointed inside. "You'll have to wait, OK?", he called. Perhaps I should have walked away then, but the sign outside offered Wi-Fi and I needed to send the previous day's Blog and load some photos to Facebook. He deigned to open up eventually, glaring at me as he put out an 'Open' sign. I said," it's as if you don't want my custom", to which he replied with something about having to face a busy day. No apology. Then, when I asked the waitress for a Wi-Fi key, I was told it cost a pound for half an hour. I've used Wi-Fi in a number of places on this trip and this was the first time I'd been charged for it. I've decided to re-name the Cafe 'Rhu-de'.

Later in the day the sun came put and it became quite warm. For the first time since St Andrews I took off my leggings! The last stretch, from Salen to Kilchoan along the Ardnamuchan Peninsula, was wonderful, with fabulous scenery. I'd been looking forward to this day, because the section between Lochailort and Kilchoan was all new to me. It didn't disappoint. In places, with lush vegetation, steep, wooded hillsides, it looked similar to parts to New Zealand. There are rhododendrons everywhere.

A long (70 miles) and hilly day, but one to really enjoy, especially as the wind has died down to little more than a whisper.

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