Sunday, 26 June 2011

Early to rise

This is Saturday's Blog. Sending it from Morecambe seafront on Sunday morning.

It rained all last night, only stopping at 06.30. That was my cue to get up early, cook some porridge and leave the campsite before 8. Spent a while trying to find the old port at Millom before setting off around the coast to Barrow-in-Furness. I had decided I could hardly miss out Barrow, as a) I hadn't been there before, and b) it's an important port. So it took the rest of the morning to reach Barrow. I then followed the coast north-eastwards to the former canal port of Ulverston, and then a long ride with no harbours around the edges of Morecambe Bay, until I reached Arnside at 18.30. Again, with rain threatening, I found a campsite and pitched up for the night. That leaves me about 30 miles behind schedule as I was supposed to have got as far as Glasson Dock.

Some busy roads today. Drivers in England seem to be in more of a hurry than in Scotland. They're also less concerned about giving me a wide berth; one came very close indeed and must've missed my pannier by inches.

No sun today, so any photos will be pretty dire. But no rain to speak of, either. Also, no Internet connection for the second night in a row. I managed to send yesterday's Blog from Ulverston and will look out for somewhere tomorrow to send this.

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