Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Even more hills

This is Monday's Blog; no signallast night.

I was pleased I had gained the 12 miles yesterday by cycling on to Campbeltown, because the 40 miles to Tarbert today were really tough. I knew about the hills, having done much of the same journey in the other direction several years ago. I was determined not to have to push the bike, so managed all the hills, some of which were signposted at 14%; short sections were even steeper, requiring 'standing on the pedals'. So some weary limbs tonight.

Anyway, I've now managed the full circuit of the Kintyre Peninsula, with its great scenery (when the sun does comes out). Having arrived at Tarbert by 17.00. I decided to take the ferry across to Portavadie. Tomorrow is one of those extremely complex days, involving five (now four) ferry crossings. When I was planning the route, it is Days 46 to 48 - the next three days - that caused me the biggest headache. It seemed impossible to cover all the harbours, ferry terminals and jetties on the Argyll coast, with its many deep and varied indentations. At one point I will be in Inveraray, some 60 miles NORTH of Campbeltown. I will also be covering a short section of coast twice, in opposite directions, just as I did today between Tarbert and Kennacraig.

When the ferry arrived at Portavadie, I was surprised to see a brand-new building at the entrance to the Marina. It appeared to offer cheap rates on accommodation. I had expected to 'wild camp' tonight, but was lured inside to ask. The Lodge only opened a couple of weeks ago, and clearly there are many teething problems. I eventually managed to secure B&B for £27 and the meal I had there was "on the house" because of computer problems trying to book me in. The facilities are excellent, except that their 'free Wi-Fi' isn't working yet, so the Blog and photos will have to wait.

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