Thursday, 23 June 2011


It had to happen some time, I guess. After extolling the virtues of National Cycle Routes in a recent blog, it was on Route 72, just north of Workington, when it happened. Some careless individual had splattered a bottle or something similar across the wide asphalt track. I saw it but couldn't avoid it. The tyre deflated almost immediately and I was forced to remove the (back) wheel and insert a new inner tube. Fortunately I'm carrying a couple of spares. So much for '6000 miles without a puncture' as a book title...

Looking at the state of the rear tyre, I feel it needs replacing. I can see where the glass went in, and that part of the tyre is virtually bald. The front tyre is fine, but of course has much less weight on it. So instead of going on to Harrington, I've stopped in Workington, just a couple of miles short. There's a good bike shop just around the corner from where I'm staying. Tomorrow I shall get that rear tyre replaced.

Other than that, today went well, with only one short (though heavy) shower. The sun even deigned to shine for much of the afternoon. I particularly enjoyed re-visiting Port Carlisle, which has a fascinating history (See link).

It seemed strange to be leaving Scotland, having spent the last 45 days there. But it holds fond memories: Seacliff, Calgary, Tayvallich, Jura, to name but a few.

Tomorrow will be a very long day, and if I'm delayed at the bike shop in the morning, may not make my target of Barrow-in-Furness. We'll see.

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