Monday, 20 June 2011

Potholes in Scotland

Question - are the potholes in Scotland worse than elsewhere in the UK? In the (Scottish) newspapers recently there has been a report that it will cost £2 billion to reinstate Scotland's roads to their 2009 standard. I can certainly confirm that many of the roads in Scotland are in a dreadful state. And they're dangerous. On a bike you need to try and avoid the worst of them, and this can entail swerving into the road. If I hit a serious pothole, the bike suffers. I've already had to replace the rear wheel.

I can understand the need for cutbacks, but if the existence of a pothole causes a serious accident, then perhaps the local Council must take the blame.

Today's route, along the Machars coastline, certainly contained its share of potholes. Hopefully the Dumfries and Galloway Council will meet their responsibilities soon.

A sunny day for a change allowed some better photos to be taken, and with four interesting harbours (Port William, Isle of Whithorn, Garlieston, Wigtown), it was a good day, once I'd remembered to miss the potholes.

I arrived at Andy and Anni's house at Braehead, south of Wigtown, just before 5. A great welcome awaited me, as well as the deepest bath I've ever had. I even floated. A visit to the local pub preceded a great steak and veg dinner. I shall sleep well tonight. Thanks guys!

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