Saturday, 25 June 2011

Heading south - sort of

This is Friday's Blog - no signal last evening at Haverigg.

New tyre fitted this morning - thanks to The Bike Bank of Workington. They also advised that the bearings on my front wheel are beginning to go, so that's another problem I'll have to deal with soon. Not sure if that means a new wheel, or just new bearings. Anyone know?

After a promising start to the day, it turned increasingly cloudy and rain seemed the most likely outcome. I stopped at a campsite at Haverigg, some 25 miles short of my target destination. But I knew there were no campsites in Barrow, and this was the nearest. Tomorrow I may miss out Barrow-in-Furness and try and get back on schedule. The predicted rain arrived, though gently at first, at 18.30, by which time I was safely in my tent.

Had a 'nuclear' lunch in a cafe at Seascale, next to the Sellafield Power Station. Seemed to spend a lot of time today zigzagging around Cumbrian coastal villages, rather like the mad taxi-driver from Cockermouth. However I didn't kill anyone. I was just trying to avoid the main road, which was narrow and extremely busy.

I heard today from my French friend Alexandre, the one I saw several times in the North of Scotland. He went over to Stornoway from Ullapool and spent some time on Lewis and Harris. He's now back in Fraance, of course. I've met many interesting people on this trip and it's good to be able to keep in contact with them.

I've had another offer of accommodation, from John Turner who lives near Chester. He'll come and meet me when I'm somewhere south of the Mersey on Monday evening.

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