Friday, 12 August 2011

Where I stayed

Of the 97 nights:

* 58 were spent in my tent (of which 51 were at campsites and 7 were 'wild' camping)
* 22 were in B&Bs or hotels
* 10 were with members of the Geograph community
* 7 were with friends or relatives

I'd particularly like to express my gratitude to the 10 Geograph members. I'd met none of them before, but all welcomed me like a long-lost friend. Their hospitality was, without exception, superb. They were:

Richard Croft
Ian Sykes
Toby Speight
Dave Fergusson
Andy Farrington
John Turner
'Casey Cilshafe' (Ceridwen)
Derek Harper
Trish Steel
Stephen Craven

Additionally I met Matt Eyre for a drink and Arthur Rope, who treated me to a meal.


  1. Hi Bob

    A very belated well done for completing your epic cycle event & raising so much for charity.

    Great to hear you made and met new friends and shared good hospitality.

    Now you have been back a while I hope you have started work on your ebook of your adventure!?

    Best wishes


  2. I know quite a few Richards and I don't know which one you are. Please do tell!