Friday, 5 August 2011

The final day

Awoke at 05.50 with the sun streaming into the tent. That's more like it, especially for my final day. On the road by 07.20 - an early start as I have to ensure I'll be in Ipswich for 16.00.

By 09.00 I was in Harwich, but the clouds were gathering and I feared a repetition of yesterday's downpour. But by the time I reached Mistley the sun was beginning to show itself again. I had a coffee at the Mistley Quay Cafe, who asked to be mentioned on my Blog. Having done so now, they may see fit to make a donation...

With so much time in hand, I had to find something else to do, so I diverted to Shotley, where there were good views of Harwich and Felixstowe. I reached Pin Mill shortly after 13.00, and here I remain, writing this Blog, which I'll upload before the final half a dozen miles into Ipswich. I think you can safely assume that I'll complete the circuit today.

Regular Blog-watchers should keep watching, though, because I plan to write a few more before closing down. I'll be counting up the number of harbours I've visited, as well as deciding on my 'Top Ten' harbours, complete with photos. I'll also re-draw the route and work out exactly how many miles I've covered.

Of the 98 days, I was on the road every day except one, when the storm-force winds would have made cycling too dangerous. So 97 days, and about 5,800 miles, I reckon.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement, as well as the many donations that have come in. A number of people promised to donate when I complete the trip, so I'll be calling in those favours now.

Tomorrow (Saturday) there's a 'Welcome Home' party at my house, from 20.00. Anyone reading this who can make it is extremely welcome; just turn up, with spouse.


  1. A real pleasure to meet you on your way, nearly there. I am full of admiration for your adventure and the determination behind it. I look forward to reading a few more blogs before you sign off from this thread. All the best!

  2. Well done Bob, enjoy you're bash later on today!

  3. Dear Bob, you've been an inspiration to us all, glad you made it home. Sorry can't be with you to celebrate, will be in touch soon. Best wishes, Pedro & Karen

  4. Well done..a fantastic achievement. I would love to do the same one day!