Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Training for the big ride

The sun shone on Tuesday, so it was out for a short ride on the new bike; tomorrow it's back to the Gym. Yes, I'm slowly getting into shape for the 6,000 mile cycle ride around Britain's coastline, starting at the end of April.

The bike felt good, quite a change from the knobbly tyred all-surface bicycle I've been using before. The tyres are reinforced, but fairly narrow, making riding on the tarmac surface much easier - and faster.

Donations are rolling in; over £3,300 so far, well over 50% of the target of £6,000. The two charities, The Stroke Association and The Meningitis Research Foundation, receive the donations as soon as they are made. If donors are taxpayers, Gift Aid (at 28%) is added.

I've recently added route maps to the website for each of the 98 daily stages. These can be viewed at various scales by rolling the mouse over the map. The map can also be dragged using the left mouse button.

This Blog is now linked from the website, so I hope friends and supporters will visit often!

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