Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cranking up the training

This morning's ride was 42 miles, a circuit from home taking in Clare, Cavendish and Glemsford.  It took just under four hours; I was pleased with this time as it included a number of stops for drinks of water and for map-reading. 

This photo of Clare Church was taken just before 10.30, as can be seen on the clock, having left home at 08.35.

And who says there are no hills in Suffolk!  Some of those around Hawkedon were quite demanding.

No after-effects either.  No sore bum, just a bit tired.  This sort of ride gives me confidence for the big one.  If I can cycle 42 miles and get back for lunch, I know I can complete 60, 80 or even 100 miles in a day.  Day 4 of my ride will be the longest at 105 miles, but it's almost all on flat Lincolnshire lands.  By then the days will be much longer; I can start earlier and finish late if necessary.

I'm still working on the detailed route maps for each stage (for the Coastrider website).  By tomorrow I expect they will be complete.  Not only will you be able to see the route I'll be taking, at various mapping scales, but you will also see the location of all the 650+ ports and harbours I'll be visiting.  If you click on one of the lifebelt icons, you will be taken to the relevant page of my ports and harbours website.

It's back to the gym on Tuesday, to build up my general strength (and hopefully to lose some weight!)

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