Friday, 15 April 2011

Photoshoot and a sprint

This morning I went to the Stroke Association's offices in Bury St Edmunds for a photoshoot. They plan to send out a press release next week, encouraging local media to turn up for the big send-off on 30 April. Here's the photo of me, resplendent in a cap - not my preferred style but hey, anything for a bit more sponsorship.

Then this afternoon a change to my usual training routine. I decided to do a 'sprint'. Well, a timed run over a known short distance. The circuit from home to Wickhambrook, via Hargrave, Ousden and back via Chevington keeps mainly to little-used roads and is 16½ miles long. One day I promise myself that I'll do it within the hour, but today it took 65 minutes. That works out at just over 15 mph, so I'm happy with that. On my old bike with its wide stippled tyres, I only managed to complete this route last year in an hour and twenty minutes.

Back home, I weighed myself to find that I've lost nearly half a stone since the turn of the year; in fact, since I started proper training at the beginning of March. So who needs a diet, when cycling can lose you pounds?!

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